Modern Warfare 2 Problem.


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Recently i tried to install the cracked version of modern warfare 2 not from this website but from and it was the skidrow guy who cracked i. It Worked fine for other people but for me the font in the game just got kind of encrypted. Some guys were saying that it might be a problem with the Ati Drivers.

Here are my specs :

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
1022MB RAM
Hard Drive:
62 GB
Video Card:
Radeon X1650 Series
Can you guys help me ?


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I had the same problem, it is the video card driver... you need to find the newest updated driver for your card. That should fix it, it did for me... I'll help you look for one if you want, but I need to know what windows you are using.

ATI Graphics Drivers


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Here it is on the ATI/AMD Site: Click Here
Scroll to the bottom, there are 2 Download links the second 1 is Just the Driver, the First link comes with the ATI Catalyst program. Both contain the same driver, it's up to you if you want the Catalyst program.

Let me know if that worked. (It Should)

When I was on XP I used a modded video driver called Omega Drivers.
They worked great but the creator stopped updating them so there arn't any drivers for vista or win 7. They Could fix you problem as well, plus they are great drivers even if they are out dated.

Here is a link to the XP ATI Omega Drivers: Click Here