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So yeah, my buddy hooked me up with an invite. Been playin it a LOT! The premise is, you start with a free cent. For each win, you double. If you lose, you lose it ALL! It's actually real money that you can get sent to you at any time. I hooked WW3 up, we've been playin a lot (of course i'm kickin his ass

I've got like 1.20 right now. Hard shit, but you can win 10 mill!


BTW, I've got like 4 invites. If you want one, leave your email address
I can't remember my account already. So damn hard to play. Win three rounds, lost one ( meaning I lost all ). Almost the same as gambling.

I mean if we know each other in the game, we could take turn to win and lose. So, it does benefit both parties.


don't think it will work.
i have a few invitres also, im up to around 7-10 dollars now

im only accepting pm requests, first 3 pm's will get the invite