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Alright.. I have 99 FPS in cs most of the time.. but like when there is too much people in front of me or while shooting in smoke I drop down to like 80.. if there any configs or anything I could do to boost it?

Thanks in advance.
Yea its noticable when it is at 60fps sharp so dont worry. Your fps might drop down because of your CPU. Thats what happened to mine except my framed dropped down to 5-10 fps and when i opened my pc case and added some thrmo paste and cleaned the cpu HSF i was never below 60 fps.

True story.
Hope that helped
You FPS is fine as it is. Anything above 50-60 consistently on CS 1.6 is good. On CSS 30 and above is good.
You're a homo with too much money to spend on a nicer video card than mine and should give me money for 1.
i begged my mummy :p for like 2 years of a new comp and in the end they gave me $4000 to get one so yeah... that was money out of the loan for our house >.>
I tried it on vista rtm and it worked un-naturally well with the default whql drivers, It still doesnt change the fact that vista's interface is crappolla and its just....generally no different

Want something that looks cool? ubuntu and beryl
In answer to the original poster, why would u need more than 80fps?

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Technically your eyes can see at 100+fps (based on wikipedia)

You will only need to (if you want to play the game with no lag) play the game at 60+fps Anything over 60 really does not have an effect. If you really wanna play at higher rates, buy a new PC :) but seriously, 60+fps you should be happy with that conisdering people play at like 20-30fps and dont complain :)
I'm using ATI Radeon X600 is Vista Ultimate definitely had a effect on the fps of most of my games. CS 1.6 in particular was lowed to about 35 FPS however CS:S was fine at about 50 or something but still not that optimal. I've got back to XP due to incompatible programs/codecs/crashing programs which really suck. Now my FPS on XP has risen again to about 100+ on CS1.6 I highly recommend everyone stick with XP other than vista because theres nothing that you can do on Windows Vista and XP cannot other than lower your computers performance/FPS. :)