More Post = Different Rank


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First off, thanks for the new color :D (dark) Green is a nice change :).

Secondly, I thought, as you now have to have posts to be classed as an "FS Member", maybe a ranking system could be added to distinguish members with higher post counts.

This may serve a purpose as - Identifying trust worthy/members who have been here longer who newer members can turn to for help (Other than staff/if staff members are busy)


Just to add some variety for each user.

Maybe start at like:
25 new posts = New Rank (FS member)
from then on
50 new posts = New Rank (Plus different rank names)

I'd like to here what everyone has to say about this :)
LoL Nightreaper is perm banned isn't he? Why the hell should he be let back in. Anyway yeh, some people might try to spam, but that can be controlled with warnings that were applied to nightreaper. Plus it will probably make the forum more active.
I am an "Elite Member" on my clan forums. (200+ posts)

Also what about reputation ranks and stuff?
Acren the world needs more people like you!

and I am a rock lobster here :)

keep things how they are!