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    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition includes the original content of Morrowind plus all of the content from the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions.
    An epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to create and play any kind of character imaginable. You can choose to follow the main storyline and find the source of the evil blight that plagues the land, or set off on your own to explore strange locations and develop your character based on their actions throughout the game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics, open-ended gameplay, and an incredible level of detail and interactivity, Morrowind offers a gameplay experience like no other.
    In Tribunal, you journey to the capital city of Morrowind, called Mournhold, to meet the other two god-kings of Morrowind, Almalexia and Sotha Sil. Your journey will lead you to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil and massive, epic-sized dungeons, where strange and deadly creatures await you, including goblins, lich lords, and the mysterious Fabricants.
    Bloodmoon takes you to the frozen Island of Solstheim where you'll experience snow, blizzards, and new creatures, including frost trolls, ice minions, and wolves... just to name a few. You'll have a choice of stories to follow and have the opportunity to defend the colony, take control over how the colony is built up, and eliminate the werewolves. Or, you can decide to join the werewolves and become one of them, opening up a whole new style of gameplay.


    Part 1-4


    PASSWORD IS ====>

    Tutorail on how to install and update

    2) Open CFtoolbox ( download of CFtoolbox below ) - the simplest and secure way to host your files!
    3) You will see that your NCF file is outdated so rightclick on it and choose apply update
    4) Select the update file you downloaded and it will be updated
    NOTE : If you didnt extract the common folder to the same destination as your NCF you will have 2 common folders and you did it wrong!!!
    5) Just put your updated common map + NCF file in steamapps , run a cracked steam client and enjoy !!!

    Thanks to
    Goldrak : he uploaded the files on
    GCFp0wnzor : he uploaded the update file ( which i searched for for days )
    Myself : 1) I uploaded this to a fast download site 2) I created a small tutorail
    You : For reading my thread and enjoying the game :)

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