Mount and Blade:Warband


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I'm really sorry and embarassed to request from the forum something,but I've searched really hard and it doesn't seem that I can do something about my problem.
To get Mount and Blade is quite simple you download the trial and you can play the full game untill you reach level 7.To play Mount and Blade fully you must enter a serial number.
I've found a serial number for the first Mount and Blade,but I can't find a serial number for Mount and Blade:Warband.
If someone could post a serial key I would be grateful and I could do a favor for him.
Also,I can't steal your serial key you can use it as many times you want.


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if you want i can help u i have it off and cracked it for online works and all but for some reason this site hates .turrents so if u want i can link the . turrent or send u the crack for it