Mount&Blade: Warband Update Released

Updates to Mount&Blade: Warband have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Version 1.112

  • Initial party size limit is extended by 20
  • Shield blocking is updated: Fixed bug where shields didn't protect against missiles shot from above
  • AI pathfinding is updated, and lots of weird behaviors are fixed
  • AI troops that seldomly spawn with shields bug is fixed
  • Retreat simulation in battles now damages the enemy even if player is knocked down
  • Models and lengths are updated for some of the weapons
  • Characters who have been killed now soak up attacks for a short while
  • Incorrect coloring of heraldic mails is fixed
  • Fixed a bug where throwing weapons couldn't be used as melee weapons on horseback
  • Some of the multiplayer maps' glitches are fixed
  • Mount&Blade Warband directory is added under My Documents folder. Some of the editable files are moved to there for ease of access
  • Rendering performance is increased slightly
  • Removed memory leaks from dedicated serversMany other bug-fixes