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Discussion in 'Computers & Servers' started by CampStaff, April 12, 2008.

  1. CampStaff

    CampStaff FS Member

    I'm on a mini vacation from the cheating scene.

    Reason is because I'm in process of a new pc build.

    A few people are helping me find the right parts.
    But I want your opinion as to what I should/would get.
    As I see it, ( my first build mind you ) I can do this for under $600.

    Motherboard - Intel based
    CPU - Intel
    Heatsink/Heatsink Fan
    Power Supply
    Opitical Drive
    Hard Drive
    LCD monitor

    What would be a good choice for these?
  2. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    What purpose is the PC for? Can you buy from newegg?
  3. CampStaff

    CampStaff FS Member

    Purpose is to play games first, and multimedia..
    Yes, I can buy from newegg. People keep posting newegg links to me about certain PC components, is newegg like the super warehouse on the internets?

    All I need is a good pc, scratch LCD from that list, I can't afford it.
    So if you all can post nice lists of parts you are familiar with, and that you know work, I appreciate it.
  4. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

  5. CampStaff

    CampStaff FS Member

    OK Gentlemen.. Here it is.. my list.
    Anything with a ++++ means, I'm dead set on getting it.

    NOW.. this leaves a video card ( have a 7900GT currently, RAM
    may upgrade to :
    , and other smaller accessories for me to think over later.
    I'm really leaning to the 1TB My Book Home Edition.
    IF.. I can't get it ( it's ebay'n for about $120), then my next choice is the 500GB internal. Or a 500GB external next.

    So, how's this look? Its under $500, I basically used different lists people offered and did my own price
  6. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    I'll review it tomorow ;) off to bed now... but for tomorow, what games are you looking at playing?
  7. CampStaff

    CampStaff FS Member

    /me *spreads my arms out wide in glee*

    I'm typing to you from the new pc setup. I have OS problems atm, so till I get that fixed, I'm laying low. I had to format my old HDD, so I have nothing, was smart enough to backup my Firefox and smaller apps ( VLC, Pidgin, etc ) and Steam !!!

    Literally guys.. I'm dieing here from the love of this card. THANKS DIRTYD!

    Ill check in over time, but I got to find drivers, apps and make a backup now while this install is still fresh.

    To everyone who posted.. Thanks for all your help. I can't express right now what all this means to me.

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