Nation Red Update Released

Updates to Nation Red have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Nation Red

  • New AA-12 Automatic Shotgun with 20-round drum magazine
  • Completion-based Missions. Get up to 5 stars for each completed mission, each star increases the mission replay difficulty by 50%
  • New larger Free Play maps which will also be used in on-line coop
  • New achievements: Itemizer, Thinning The Horde, One Trick Killer, Well Supplied, FlatLiner
  • New zombie hostile
  • Second local coop mode with seperate XP and leveling up per player so you can build two completely different players
  • Friendly Fire option in local coop (will also be in on-line coop)
  • Sentry Guns in Barricade Mode can be upgraded to weapon stations
  • Flamethrower more effective and more accurate visuals
  • Add option to view Friends leaderboards
  • Increase in 'zombie-free time' between waves in Barricade mode
  • Zombie contact will now push/knock the player back. If you run through a zombie horde, you'll need to fight through them.
  • Support for 2 additional mouse buttons (meaning 5 buttons can be assigned)
  • .44 Magnum penetration increased from 2 to 3 zombies max. Sound effects redone
  • Nailgun projectile damage 30% higher. Nailgun sfx reworked
  • Beretta penetration power increased
  • More XP per kill for some zombies, incl. Machinegun Boss and Zombie suicide bomber
  • Sentry Guns overhauled; guns need to be completely reloaded before firing can restart
  • Dual-use weapons can be fired individually (Dual Glock, Dual Uzi)
  • Kicking zombies now makes them spurt blood
  • Increased the amount of weapon drops. Since more and more weapons are in the game, it will now be easier to pick them all upIncreased the CounterBlow perk damage


  • Strategic Mode: trying to select a perk after the maximum 10 perks pauses the game
  • Two menu Gui issues. Should've done this in the previous update
  • Auto-Perk issue where a game restart didn't reset the perk list
  • Fixed two exploits/tricks reported
  • Adjusted lifespan of sentry guns when Engineer/Powerup Extender is active
  • Bullet Time affects powerups which last longerHeavy Ammo now accurately affects all weapons