Nation Red Update Released

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    Updates to Nation Red have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Nation Red

    • Two new zombie Barricade gameplay modes: Bridge and Warehouse
    • New Brawler zombie boss: A bomb disposal expert able to deactivate powerups such as mines, turbines, sentry guns, etc.
    • Support for user-created maps/levels
    • Shorter, more action-packed Free Play games with a new score multiplier for new leaderboard scores
    • Accurate weapon damage: each pellet from a shotgun blast causes damage. Also includes an enhanced flamethrower
    • NPC soldiers: Barricades and missions include soldiers trying to defend your position against the zombie horde
    • New interface
    • Several missions have been changed after user feedback
    • New perks: Anarchist, More Pain More Gain, Come Closer
    • New achievements: LockDown, A Ton Of Bullets, Unseen, Speed Killer, Resurrector and BackToBack
    • Support for Intel integrated graphics
    • New tutorial modeSeveral suggested bug fixes and code optimizations

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