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    Sped up server start times by pre-computing hashes for files for consistency checking

    It is no longer possible to spam console commands on the Client
    Sound effects are now entity based and inherit the relevancy of their triggering entity
    Added custom HUD indication for exosuit thrusters
    By default, the consistency configuration file will include all file types except UI textures and View Model assets
    Adjusted phase gate engagement point so hydras and other AI units less likely miss their attacks
    There is now a warning before auto-concede ends the round
    Auto-concede will not kick in for the first few minutes of a round

    Only 2 mods will download at a time on the Client while connecting to a Server
    Added 1 second cool down to scan to prevent spam
    Mods downloaded while connecting to a Server are no longer deleted when you exit the game

    Wireframe/show-edge rendering should be much faster - fixed some inefficiencies
    With the line/rect/circle tool, you can now hold CONTROL to ignore existing geometry. Ie. you can create boxes inside rooms without exiting the room.
    If anything is selected and a rect/line/circle is active, those will only modify selected stuff
    CORRECTION: By default, geo tools will not edit non-selected geometry. Hold CONTROL to edit non-selected geo.
    Double-clicking faces should now select orphaned edges as well

    Created new streamlined mechanisms in LaunchPad for creating and publishing mods
    Made it possible for multiple people to work on a mod that is managed by LaunchPad
    Private is now the default publishing option
    Fixed issue where string material parameters could not be set on a RenderModel
    Fixed bug where gettign the coordinates of attachment point point in a model with no bones would give the wrong result
    Added the ability to specify the target texture size for a camera
    Fixed bug where "angles" network fields were inaccessible from script
    Fixed crash when calling Shared.LinkClassToMap twice with the same map name
    Fixed "reload" parameter in Script.Load() function in NS2
    Fixed issue where dofile and loadfile would not use the engine file system
    Added support for game://, config://, temp://, and cache:// style file names in Shared.GetMatchingFileNames

    Fixed exploit of doom

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