ncf's on undeadpatch

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alrigth im kinda a n00b at this so i just want to kno what do i do with an ncf file if i used the undeadpatch 3.0 and put the ncf's in the steamapps folder then when i try to open it it has an error either "the steam serevers are to busy to handle your request please try again later" or "this game is currently unavailable try again in a few minutes" so what do i have to do to get the games to work properly???
Make sure you have all and more updated files. And some games who use NCFs normaly need more files (located in Common Folder) for run it.
Not all games work...
But if u want a game that dose not work go to the forums download the gfc's common too
put it C:\program files\SteamApps
or where you have steam =)
i have the mega ncf pack but when i put all the bioshock files in the steammapps folder but it says its installed but when i try 2 launch it it says its unavailable
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