need computer help.


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my computer has been messed up really bad lately. it just shuts of by itself.... my computer has alot of lights on it. so, im doing stuff, or just not on the computer and it shuts down by itself. then when i start the computer, all the lights turn on, the fan starts working, for 2 seconds and it shuts of again. i have to wait about 5 minutes to start my computer successfully. also, my computer has a restart button in the front. when i click that my comp shuts of and the same thing happens =/ i cant do anything on it. i changed my skin on alienware, didnt work. i scanned with spysweeper and nod32, didnt find anything. i removed spy sweeper thinking that it caused conflictions with nod32. that didnt work either. i changed my cs config, everything. idk what happened. i didnt download anything, except eddys easy server thing. but that didnt cause it im sure. do you think my fan isnt working properly and my comp gets overheated and turns of itself? please help me
most of the time it's because of overheating, thats why you had to wait a while before you could use it for a bit, although most comps would give an overheat warning...

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