Need Help With A Steam Hack Patch

keith fife

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Ok, so I downloaded a steam patch to hack steam it was; "undeadpatch". I installed it and try to install a game but when I do it says that the steam servers are too busy to process my request and to wait a while. I then wait and try again with the same result, the only times that my download has gone through have been with games made by valve or that i already bought, does any one have any solutions?
FWD: here is the readme that came with the patch:
Developer SASiO
Credits Diviton

This file Downloaded from SteeLiT . siteburg . com

Get all Steam Games :

do this:
Go here Download Steam from "

2.Extract "UnDeadPatch.exe" into Steam directory.

Then. >
1. Delete this two files : steam.dll and steam.cfg
2. Launch Steam, Create a A/c and wait to update.
3. Close Steam
4. Run UnDead Patch
5. Patch Done, pressed 'Y'
6. Run Steam

then Download All STEAM games.


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Search the forums for the error message you get and you will get your answer. Reading the stickied threads is also a good idea.

Hint : you can't fix it, download the files from here.


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Out of curiosity, could you post a link to the patch? I can't seem to find Undead anywhere...
Hmm . . . I think smartsteam is better , undead is sorta old so unless you just using it because its light weight or something


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GreenLuma is better again, even allowing you to download some games directly through Steam. It's also one of the few being updated at the moment.

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