Need help with downloading G-mod 10


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I downloaded the g-mod gcf, put it in steam apps, and when i try downloading it it starts on 95% and when it has finished downloading i run it it goes onto the main menue i click new game and it shuts off. How can i stop this?
the error message is something about direct 9 video or something

With "something about direct 9 video" i only can tell you Install the lates video card driver and DirecX (i think the last dx is october version).

So put more information and the entire error message plz.
the error message was exactly " Internal driver error in IDirect3DDevice9::present() "

Try with this:
Change the resolution of the game to 800x600 (in launch options put -width 800 -height 600) once you enter in the game put the resolution you like.

You can try too with this:
In launch options put -DXlevel 81

Oh and the latest DX is november 2007 not october Dx Download