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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by shawnharnage, December 7, 2007.

  1. shawnharnage

    shawnharnage New Member

    ive been vac Banned !!!! Anyone got Suggestions other Than buy a new steam account ?, dont reply unless you know what your talking about !!! No LaMeRs
  2. Fenny

    Fenny Full Member

    Yeah, Donate so you can get VIP, then use the certificate exporter to get a cafe certificate.
    Oh, i also suggest you post in the correct section.
  3. Acren

    Acren New Member

    Or wait for paul's unbanner.
  4. killyou

    killyou New Member

    Whats pauls unbanner.
  5. Acren

    Acren New Member

  6. loony636

    loony636 FS Member

    Oh so the programs already exist for getting CACs....interesting. Time to donate $50 and become a VIP.
  7. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    Best option is.... STOP HACKING! You're better off learning to play properly :cool: Or alternatively, buy VIP and/or search around for private steam account sellers and get a cheaper account with the games you want :)
  8. Acren

    Acren New Member

    Yeah, loony, you gotta run the program off your USB at your local cafe. (must be legit)
  9. Looking4Games

    Looking4Games New Member

    thanks a lot!

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