Need some GCF's for CS;S

AngEl firE

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Need some GCF's for CS;S PLOX

ok i couldnt find these if you could upload them for me that would be great and you would get 1+ post for it

i need the gcfs that allow me to play on online cracked servers plox

who ever can provide me with these will get a nice big THANK YOU

gcf's that i need for css

My e-mail [email protected]
- counter-strike source shared.gcf

- counter-strike source client.gcf

- Source Shared Securom.gcf

- sourceinit.gcf
(im not sure if i need this for css)
You dont need to buy that game

Make a free steam account than apply Undead patch by SASIO found on that will crack steam

then when you log in you can download all the games steam are offering for which one would originally have to pay.

Then play.