Network disconnects when i run steam


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Nevermind,even though i thought i completely shit down zone alarm,im pretty sure its something to do with my problem.Instead of automatically allowing,i set it to ask me when steam tries to connect and that got me to a 30 some percent update then it did it again,but ill probably get it figured out.


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At the beginning you stated that we shouldn't read this, then you tell about your problems in the middle and in the end you state that you'll figure it out.


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Sorry,that wasnt the original post.At first i had a big wall of text explaining my problem but since i figured it out,i edited the original and removed everything so you didnt have to read it all only to find "nevermind,i figured it out" at the end.

I was tired and in a hurry when i updated it,i should have left some of the original post in there.I assumed you might read the title,then the post and figure it out.

Again,sorry about the confusion.