New DLC Available - Tryst: Survival DLC

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, June 6, 2013.

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    Tryst: Survival DLC, all new content for Tryst is Now Available on Steam. To celebrate Blue Giant Interactive is offering 75% off Tryst and APOX!*

    The Survival DLC adds the following to Tryst:

    New Game Mode (Survival) - Team up with a friend and hold your own against regular waves of enemies on the new map - The Construct.
    New Maps - Conquer two new maps: The Molten Passes and Obscurum. A 2v2 and a 3v3 map, respectively, they promote different styles of gameplay and come with their own set of quirks!

    *Offer ends June 12th at 10AM Pacific Time

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