New FS Soon To Come

Start anew forum wise. If not, we should just close and move all old/useless threads, that do not portaine to say, anything useful or of use.

Once things get rolling if things start to get sloppy, we may just need A few extras to help watch over the forum.

There should more of A discussion for sure once we get A live meeting.
Well, every VIP, plus any other reasonable opinions I get will influence my final decision...

Hopefully a nice VIP / Staff meeting will get this worked out.
Well I think all Staff / Vip's should really do a meeting, with ideas, comments and suggestions... It would be nice, if the forum gets the respect back, which it had earned with the "cafe fix" month ago.
Well a rolle back wouldnt be maybe a great idea. Or maybe yes?
Well there are 1 or 2 reasons for a rolle back.
1. Anyone can begin form the beginning...
2. We can begin again with projects and some other stuff...

Thanks for post this up, I don't think the forums should be reinstalled but cleaned up yes.
Also a wiki and more content server to upload files (even only for vips) would be great.

Great idea there renegade... We will close the forums for a day possibly, and just clean it up with all this old crap... Just get some fresh posts in there. Maybe a nice FAQ section as well and/or wiki. I have a small area for file uploads now, but will advanced that with a new downloads system I am going to install soon I hope.

Still, we will have a full open discussion at the VIP/Staff meeting.
Well.. There was already before 3 or more months ago a nice wiki for "freesteam cert..." it was nice!
hell yeah! a wiki would be really great!
"Fenny has nearly completed a new project, but we are not sure how to release if at all so it does not get patched. So we will see how this goes."

I am going to stick my neck out here and say, there are 2 statuses that stick out here at "respected" and "trusted", now using that quote above im asking why cant this certain app be released to atleast "respected" after all thats what the status means, that that certain person is respected and there for trusted. now if you cant release anything for the fear of being patched and leaked then isnt that status contradicting it self slighty and thus useless.

What im saying here is unless you guys DO trust us with a release etc etc then we will start to feel slighty betrayed.
@ Blinky
We will "re-organize" respected members so that they are truly respected. I think echo did a bit, as I know a few people are in there that do not belong.