New here... WTF are GCFs/NCFs, and why do I need them?


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GCF = Grid Content Files - files that contains important parts of games or updates
If you have GCF files put them into your steamapp folder and restart steam, now you may have to see the game In you list - let's play ^^


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GCF is the game cache files. For vavle games such as half life 2 and css all the game data is stored in these files. Basicaly its the game files.

NCF stands for no cache files and simply directs steam to the common folder in which the game data is located. l4d makes use of ncf as do most games not initialy intended for steam


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hi i have the undead patch and i am new here and i really need help when i try to instal it says steam servers are busy try later really need help

i still have no fuking idea of what is a ncf s or what ever


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Think of GCF like an archive similar to RAR or ZIP, except GCF is used specifically for Steam to hold game files.

You don't need to "extract" GCFs or anything, because Steam does that automatically. All you need to do is put the GCF game files in a folder called "Steamapps" in the Steam installation directory, and you're set to game away on your cracked Steam.

Read around the forums before making a thread/post with this kind of question.

If you really need to, ask someone to help you out in the shoutbox.


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I know I am 100% wrong when I say this but how I remember the difference between the files is GCF=game compressed file NCF=non-compressed file. I realize that is retarded but...well...I am a little retarded. The above posts are correct as to what they are really called. Basically GCF requires you to use an extractor where as NCF is already extracted. Correct me if I am wrong.


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please help me, im new to this

i downloaded the big NFC pack from the fourms, then do i need the game files for it, because i tried to download one and it was something like 12 files, do i need to download ALL of them for the game to work?