New Homepage ETA: 1-2 Days

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Hopefully within the next 24 hours of this post our new homepage will be online. Possibly not 100% complete, but ready for public usage. I actually had to start over after some coding updates, but I got a lot of work done that needed to be completed. So hopefully within the next few days we can get the rest done and ready for public use.

If anyone is willing to help out with a few graphics, headers, etc. Please contact me.
Well. I hope the new Homepage looks great :).
Is there a new forum included? So that the forum get reset or?
Well we will see in a few hours :).
How good. Well thats a great news :).

ps: please change the thanks button. It looks...
I kept waiting and waiting, it's still the same old homepage except the position of the box has been shifted up. At least it's still worth something to talk about.
Not open for further replies.