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proof of me getting payed.
10 min and i got payed :D
bitches it like the best site ever.

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lol u teh 1 who failed
i at leasing ruining some business heir and i got life
find a gf kk
or go build some pc's just try not 2 fail like u did last time. :p

Ok lets all fucking chill u got me raged man
your fault lol yes this site does work. it's one of those sites that you do product trials and you get a free gift like a macbook or an ipod or an Iphone. I did it and it worked for me! I even got some fake credit card details for the trials that request a credit card. don't worry this isn't a real credit card number just a glitch in there system:

CARD TYPE: Mastercard
CARD NUMBER:5119282427392932
CW, C22, OR SECURITY # 932 or if it doesnt work do 2932
OWNERS NAME: just put your name in

you might see this same message from me on another thread but I just copy and pasted cuz it takes too long to type out.