New Mods

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Awesome. but can we play music of choice? and when we post songs on threads can they use the mp3 player to listen to it without downloading?
That's basically what you can do now. But I mean, the idea was to just change up songs every few days based on requests.
i don't understand the today acivity meter... i can see mine but nobody else's. Is that how its meant to be?
o yeah.. for today... i can only see mine :\.. no one elses


Now i can see WWIII but no one elses


now i see everyones but rushils lol
That's weird, it shouldn't take long to download. Try again later.
The Top5 stats doesn't work on my resolution, 1024x768. Would be good if you could just move the Latest Posts table below the other tables.
The mp3 player is cool, it made me notice that there's a new Linkin Park album :) very important suggestion: Get other smilies.. please.

Edit: Direct access to the mp3 player worked yesterday, but not anymore. Mabye a file permission issue?
Should be fine. Turn down your own volume on the MP3 player...
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