None of the games work (Using steamrip2)


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I have CS:Source installed and also Garry's Mod 10, and I set up Steamrip2 so that it reads their gcf files. I also downloaded the cs1.6 gcf file and made a folder in \steamapps\(myname)\ called 'counter-strike' and extracted the 'cstrike' and 'reslists' folders to there. But the problem is none of these work. I tried to launch Counter-Strike Source and it tried to install this... AT&T Natural Voice program.... I have no idea why the hell it would think that..... I tried running Counter-Strike from the Games list on Steamrip2 because it was actually there.... that didn't work either because it gave me an error when I clicked PLAY that said:

Run-time error '76':
Path not found

Oh, and then I tried launching Garry's Mod 10, and it was just stuck on "Preparing to launch the game ..." then a few minutes later I see this warning saying 'You are running low on diskspace' so I look and my free space is simply dropping like a rock for some reason, so I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete out of Steamrip...

Really what's the point of this program if it doesn't do anything?