[Noob] SteamUp - "Server Too Busy" When Trying to Download Games

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by iCatchBrains, June 23, 2010.

  1. iCatchBrains

    iCatchBrains New Member

    This is my first time using programs to hack Steam, so I'm a noob. But I am familiar with other hacks, and basic coding. So I was wondering if someone could assist me in understanding why I can't download any Steam Game.

    So Basically:
    Downloaded Steam Up
    It worked, I have all the games in My Library
    But whenever I try to click install under the game it tells me the server is too busy to handle my request.

    I doubt the server has been busy all day and all night so I've come here to ask if somebody could enlighten me on how to fix this.

    Windows 7 Ultimate
  2. SMDBZ

    SMDBZ New Member


    You CAN'T Download all the games.
    You need their GCF.
    Now, read the faq of your cracked steam applications, please.
  3. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    doesnt allow you to download all games it allows you to play. Download nessesary gcf/ncf + common files from here to play that game

    Some games that can be downloaded are hl2, hl2dm, portal and css providing you have counter strike source client.gcf
  4. iCatchBrains

    iCatchBrains New Member

    Thank-You Helps Alot.
    Does Online Play Even Work? I tried Team Fortress 2 and it doesn't let me play... Says Failed Verification.
  5. PsychoGamer

    PsychoGamer FreeSteam Member

  6. emberr

    emberr New Member


    I have played cs:s and some day before it works but the next day it didn't..... do you know something?
  7. CommanderEddy

    CommanderEddy FS Member

    What's the problem.
  8. emberr

    emberr New Member

    steam write servers are busy so I can't play

    but it worked on monday

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