[Noob] SteamUp - "Server Too Busy" When Trying to Download Games


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This is my first time using programs to hack Steam, so I'm a noob. But I am familiar with other hacks, and basic coding. So I was wondering if someone could assist me in understanding why I can't download any Steam Game.

So Basically:
Downloaded Steam Up
It worked, I have all the games in My Library
But whenever I try to click install under the game it tells me the server is too busy to handle my request.

I doubt the server has been busy all day and all night so I've come here to ask if somebody could enlighten me on how to fix this.

Windows 7 Ultimate


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doesnt allow you to download all games it allows you to play. Download nessesary gcf/ncf + common files from here to play that game

Some games that can be downloaded are hl2, hl2dm, portal and css providing you have counter strike source client.gcf