now that we have a guy who hacked pacshit...

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why dont we make a REALLY nice gui that sends username and password to WWIII! All we have to do is post it from a really high-respected user on pacshit's forums and then we get some nice accounts! maybe you can even post a few on pacshit's account himself!
but i don't understand how you got the username and password of their steam accounts from a forum...
How about you try to remember all your passwords.

Having 1-3 different passwords is common but nothing more than that.
yep, i have noticed that most people that are registered on pacshit's forum also have the same password for their steam accounts that have legit games on them... XD

If you check out not1337's acc, he has like ALL the games, and i hacked it. But he used steam support to recover it in like a day. :(
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