Nuclear Dawn Update Released

Nuclear Dawn update 6.9

Added new player upgrades system utilizing round experience points to unlock upgrades.
This allows players to individually get early access to their choice of upgrades, such as advanced kits or parts of Infantry Boost without having to wait for commander to globally unlock.

Other Enhancements
- Added game controller support for game menus and in-game team/class menu.
- Reworked server browser panel based on player feedback, now able to show more information.
- Added positional audio support for Mumble clients.

- Fixed second control stick on game controllers not being able to look up/down.
- Fixed Mac issue causing text in many places to be cut off too soon.
- Fixed a client startup crash occurring on some Macs.
- Fixed a server crash involving R.E.Ds exploding in an area with enemy R.E.Ds.
- Fixed numerous display and number formatting issues on Career page for players with no xp.
- Fixed player spray preview image being too large or getting cropped.
- Fixed server browser server context menu being stuck on after right-clicking a server.
- Fixed a rare client crash involving the commander action grid.

Community requests and mod support
- Added support for custom maps changing the default rotation for commander camera.
- Added support for servers to download and update maps from Steam Workshop.