nVidia 8xxx Series!!!!

now i would not and would never ever spend that much on a graphics card. thats just silly if you do :S.

my current computer cost me Ј500 and it plays all latist games fine lol.
Well if you got money, then buy it. Otherwise just wait 6 months and grab it lol. The 7900GT (256mb) has already gone down to $385AU (Discounted store)

Video Cards and RAM are the worst for pricing. Hope this 8xxx series kicks ass..its by nvidia so im sure it would!
I can't see difference in DX9 and 10...

There's more polygons in 8800 demos. Shaderz are together... That make card slower but pixels and vertex have as many render rivers (i don't know "potok" in english) as they want ;]

Waste of money ;p
Um my friends 8800gtx pwned 2 7900gtx's in SLI

Score with the 7900's in 3dmark06 was 12956

And the 8800gtx was 13562

So Krzywy, this is not a watse of money at all. Can't wait for the Drx10 games
I bought myself a 8800 GTX for xmas the only issue is css isn't supported and anything over a certain distance goes all white i cant wait till it gets of beta drivers >.<
Yer if you get this you have to update your whole comp so you get no bottle neck.. eesh even more money =(