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Now im all nvidia here but i want to see want some ATI fan boys have to say.

Nvidia 100% never ATI for me here

note to ATI users,
Ditch that zero and get with the hero (nvidia)
ATi right now. The Fermi line was a catastrophe in so many ways. For the price, you got about the same performance as nVidia's ATi counterpart (or worse) plus extreme power consumption and heat production. If comparing the first Fermi line (4xx) with ATi's 5xxx series, ATi wins this battle hands-down.

Even right now, with nVidia's refresh of the Fermi line with the 5xx series, ATi still has a great chance at beating them again when the 6970 and 6990 come out this winter/early next year. As of right now, the best values in video cards are either the relatively low-end 5770, or the mid-range 6850. If you're looking for high-end then price probably isn't an issue, and you'd probably choose to crossfire/SLi anyway, in which either company would get you good performance (but again, ATi has power draw and heat nailed down, and the 6xxx series' crossfire scaling is incredible).

Oh, and the goodies: nVidia has PhysX, ATi has eyefinity. IMO PhysX, while adding some cool effects sometimes, is still a gimmick that isn't worth the loss in performance, while eyefinity with multiple monitors is immersive like nothing I've ever seen before.
But the connectivity on ATi cards is really unparalleled, with many having dual-linki DVI, displayport, and hdmi. You can easily run Eyefinity off of one ATi card. nVidia may get back in the game soon enough, but its Fermi line is, IMHO, horrendous when it comes to bang for your buck because of price, heat and power draw.
Hey! I gotta say, that both of the brands are good. You guys are just bitching around because one has more power than the other or you like one better then other cause of its looks and so on..

So what is the truth?
I like those both equally. There is a reason.
Low Budget? Go for Ati! Ati is abitt cheaper then Nvidia. It also has less power, but not that much less. GDDR5 5870 is a killer!

High Budget? Go for Nvidia for sure! Nvidia is more expensive then ati, but is also better. Note: It's not that much better if you are like comparing GTX 460 and HD 5870.
nvidia is a waste of cash, they cost more and theres weaker
when put to the test ATI over powered two of there fastest cards and was able to keep above 60fps
all Nividia could do was blame the computer for low power output, being 1KW used in the test

PS. have you had "The Talk"

*cough* This game was optimised for ATi *cough*


Good claim though.
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the video was just put in for a laugh or two,
But back to the point! The ATI card "HD 6990" does better under more stress then nvidia cards can pull off.




were is that pic shrink option?
the video was just put in for a laugh or two,
But back to the point! The ATI card "HD 6990" does better under more stress then nvidia cards can pull off.


What a joke, comparing a dual card vs a single, and the highest ATi card vs the second highest Nvidia, how misleading of you.
So Mankill do you mind comparing that to the 590 a dual GPU card like the 6990 and not a single core GPU like the 580?
you might have me here buttt You will never need that much power unless your running 10 monitors with 3D....
well I see we have two different lines of sight and I should say that we should agree to disagree in this subject.

But what im trying to get at is, sure the GTX590 has a higher frame rate but then it will also get a lower frame rate under a heavy load. the ATI HD 6990 supports higher rez(as in run it better) and has the ability to stay above a watchable frame rate! so other words it can pull more and the GTX590 can be there for showing off.
is it just me, or are we using pics to as weapons?
6990=dual GPU card should be faced with 580 in SLI not the 6990+6970 with crossfire just saying...

Its like trying to compare a single core CPU to a dual core CPU the Dual core in most cases is going to win over the single core but turning on only one core would be a better fight...
I've used both, they are both pretty good but it all depends on the card you have, the rest of your system and what game, whether it uses physx or not, and so on. My current card is a GTX 560 Ti.
Nvidia; has better graphics cards, not as loud, and don't overheat.
I wouldn't sign this: My 9500GT overheated.

I'm not a fanboy of either one, but I use an ATi card currently, just because it was cheap. It's a HD5570 btw and it runs Bad Company 2 well enough for me to actually play it. :)
then your "HackeD" pic is a wrong match for you. seeing how ati video cards can crack a password Alot faster then nvidia.
I personally think that ATi is cheaper and worth the money, but from looking at the stats I see not only that ATi was both worth my money but can last longer under strees.

Nvidia; has better graphics cards, and don't overheat.
Bullcrap, my mate had an Nvidia, it overheated, crashed, used loads of power, at one point his power supply burnt out from overclocking.

not as loud.
Oh it'll get loud alright, when the power supply goes off!

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