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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by L3m0n4d3, June 20, 2008.

  1. L3m0n4d3

    L3m0n4d3 New Member

    Okay lets say I could get my hands on a computer that has a legit steam cafe account on it, how would I go about getting the account off of it? If you could please go into detail about what steps need to be done..sorry if this question has already been asked but I looked around the forums and couldn't find a answer :confused: but anyways any help would be appreciated. :)
  2. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    you need a cert extracter. Contact WWIII for one. You then put that on a USB, put the USB on the PC which has the cafe cert and then run the app. You will then be given an output file which you then give to WWIII to decrypt for you :p
  3. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    The certificate is useless by itself just to let you know.
  4. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    But seriously, once you get your hand on the dumped binary file, what do u do with it?
  5. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Send it to someone who can decrypt it.
  6. L3m0n4d3

    L3m0n4d3 New Member

    Soo..how would I go about decrypting it myself? I'm sure it can't be too hard..
  7. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    Guess again L3m0n4d3, decryption is more than just guessing passwords.

    Seriously, who can decrypt the binary dumps? Can WWIII do it?
  8. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    You're right, just guess the private key instead.

    WWIII can.
  9. L3m0n4d3

    L3m0n4d3 New Member

    Do I sense sarcasm?

    Anyways i'll just ask WWIII

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