OMG computer fucked up!!


Stealing is not a crime
Guyz i have a rly big problem. I recently installed spyware doctor and my pc crashed all time processes invade each one another and i get a msg from kaspersky that all processes try to inject into another process. Constant popups i cant take it pls respond quick im fucked. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
well that sounds to me the spyware doctor got viruses if u cant get reed of them by virus scanning or anything u might have to reformat.....
yes im thinking of a solution since this is a stealth injection virus and kaspersky cant do anythin i tried removing dll from processes but i dont know which one is the virus and now im thinking of giving my pc to the technician, and saying to him: Keep the chasis and the hard disk throw every thing in the trash can and put me a whole new system. I have a way so i can get cheap quad core 2gb ram 500 giga disk and 8800 gt 768 nvidia:p since its the 3rd time i gonna format it. current system stats:
p4 sp2 3.4 ghz
511 ram
nvidia geforce 7300gs 256
hard disk 80 gb and 13 free LAME!!!!:mad:

and a connection that goes with 400 kbps omfg this is sucky
so anyone has a solution on how to remove these from explorer.exe or services.exe or svchost.exe it infected all and the one gets into the other kaspersky is driving me mad pls i begg you guyz um rly rly rly rly fucked up:(
scratch this guyz seems the virus was in the registry and i finally found it and got it out yey :D thanks for your attention guyz lock thread admin

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