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Discussion in 'Public Garbage Bin' started by coolcast, March 19, 2008.

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  1. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    Main Alias: Coolcast

    Age: 17, turning 18 on May

    Position Applying for: I would like to apply for a forum moderator, nothing bigger than that because I know I don't deserve it

    Experience: Basic and some advance computer knowledge, Forum Administrator in brokenvalve.org

    Reason for wanting your requested position: Well i have been a member here for a long time even before the forums went down, and I know I haven't contributed that much, Now is the time for me to help out the Freesteam community and show I can be of good Use. Many of you don't know me but I assure you that I will a trustful moderator here.

    I agree to the EULA [Put Yes/No]:
  2. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    I would be willing to endorse you, other members of the status "FS Member" or better please either ' endorse ' or ' do not endorse ' this user as a moderator.
    Also, please state a reason as to why or why not.
  3. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    I do not endorse, coz Coolcast didnt do much for the Community yet and he didnt post much here. So get more popularity on the forum to get a moderator, how I find.
  4. Qbeck

    Qbeck FS Member

    i endorce-he is a donator, and very helpful. if promoted to mod, he will be much more actvie on these forums too
  5. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    Why isnt he before? Does he rly need mod for it? :confused: He first got 40 posts. Thats not much!

    Got nothing abotu ya coolcast. But nope. Im not for it as I told above.
  6. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    Well thats the reason Why I applied for staff. To contribute more Help Also I will be donating again to FS when I get my next paycheck. Its up to you WWIII.

    P.S: Its ok Ray I get your Advie its really helpfull.
  7. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    +1 sorry to say but you haven't really given much thus far. Anyway for all those people who are saying he donated money blah blah blah, i think your forgetting that he got the donators status for that... i don't think that should be the basis for him getting the mod position.
  8. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    Oh I never mentioned That because I donated I should be a mod.. That's not even a reason I said I want to be a mod get more involved in the community and help them In any way.
  9. Daniel3131

    Daniel3131 New Member

    how many posts do i need to be a " MOD "??
  10. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    Well is not only how many posts u have it also depends on your experience dude and how you get along with people
  11. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    its a no from me.
    Other people have been turned down eg ray, dont know why and its nothing to do with me but you say no to one person you say no to all to be honest and to be fair. unless FS need one then FS should ask members.
    Im not saying that applications are not needed just stating my fair reason to deny coolcast.
  12. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    Oh i saw Ray's application Of course he would be first than me. I just posted my application to let you know that I'm available whenever there is a chance.
  13. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    lol coolcast im not saying that you were using that as an excuse, but the ordinary members who might use that etc etc.
  14. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    sorry but i do not endorse you atm. get more posts and get more people to know you here on these forums and then maybe you will be granted a status
  15. coolcast

    coolcast Donator

    Thanks catgod I will take your advice...
    I'm happy that eveybody has posted constructive criticism that'll help me alot :D thanks to all of you.
  16. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Ok, as of now you will be "On Hold" for re-evaluation. In about 2 weeks this will be re-opened.
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