Organ Trail Updated

Version 1.6.6
• Added art for Car upgrades in the menu
• Added art for Combat Training in the menu
• Added ability to tweet “hostage” and “put down” situations
• Added endless scoring explanation and current score to info display
• Added the ability to set your resolution (No option for this on Linux)

Bug Fixes
• Fixed (again) a bug where you could return to town when you shouldn't be able to
• Fixed a bug where you could quickly exit a lost job and still get the reward
• Fixed some missing click sounds on some buttons
• Fixed Fat Cat, Loner, There Can Only Be One achievement bugs
• Fixed an infinite loop when you run out of new Points of Interest
• Removed ability to barely use scroll wheel on scrolling pages
• Removed unsupported Facebook button
• Linux: Maybe fixed missing stats on the Stats tab while on the road
• Steam: Fixed high scores so they show the actual top 10, not 10 relative to you
• Steam: Fixed the Silver Bullet and Marathon achievement
• Steam: Fixed the Halloween mode not available (you might have to beat it again)

Gameplay Balances & Tweaks
• Reworked Highscore Screens
• Doubled medkit scavenger effectiveness
• Reworded shooting tutorial
• Reworded Point of Interest scroll text
• Reworded “Distance to next landmark” message