[Outdated] UnDeadPatch v3.30 [Steam Community]



Developer SASiO
Credits Diviton
Thanks to .cue for Steam Community crack solution

This patcher allow You to crack Steam (including Community version) even after minor updates of Steam itself.

1. Download Steam from "http://www.steampowered.com/"
2. Install Steam.
3. Extract "UnDeadPatch.exe" into Steam directory.
4. Launch "UnDeadPatch.exe"
5. Have FUN.

Steam needs to be updated what should I do?
1. Delete "Steam.cfg" from Steam directory.
2. Update Steam by launching it.
3. Launch "UnDeadPatch.exe".
4. Again Have FUN.

Download here
will we still get the same error "the servers are too busy to handle your request" since it does say 3.30 and the old one was 3.00
You will ever have this error pivotmaster, the most of games are server side so if you dont have the gfcs for dowload it you will have ever the same error of busy servers.
Is obvious men, fixing errors, add more functions,make it better or only for learn and do new things to probe yourself how coder.. etc etc thats the point of update every program in my opinion, if not їwhy the games or program companys waste their time and money making patches for games/programs if they dont add new models, maps, functions and things?
(Yea some patchs add new things to games, but in general not, only fix things)
Yes but remember, if you want play online you only can enter in cracked/no secure servers.
mark, pealse talk English:
Here is the translation of mark's Text:
this dont work...
Mark der ist schon ur alt! Da gibst schon lдngst einen neueren hier! Bitte benutzte den!