Overview of the Windows Server 2008 Firewall with Advanced Security Part 1


FS Owner
Windows Server 2008 introduces a new and improved firewall; the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. The new Windows firewall introduces many improvements and is very similar to the firewall that was included with Windows Vista. Features included with the new Windows Firewall with Advanced Security include:
  • Granular inbound access control
  • Granular outbound access control
  • Tight integration with the Windows Server 2008 Server Manager, with automatic configuration of the firewall when services are installed using the Server Manager
  • Highly improved IPsec policy configuration and management, and a name change. IPsec policies are now referred to as Connection Security Rules
  • Improved monitoring of firewall policy
  • Improved monitoring of IPsec policies (now called Connection Security Rules) Improved centralized monitoring of Main and Quick Mode Security Associations
There are many configuration options included with the Windows Firewall, so this article will be split into three parts, this first part is about basic general configuration options for the firewall and for IPsec policies. The second part will focus on how to create inbound and outbound rules, and the third part will hone in how to create connection security rules.

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