Discussion in 'Clients Cracks And Launchers' started by WorldWarIII, February 5, 2008.

  1. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII [ Respected ]

    p3ng3l STEAM LAUNCHER is a small program to play with cracked steam! It can download/update your steam, crack it by starting p3ng3l STEAM LAUNCHER and uncrack it on shutdown. You can download many games with this app, more then with normal cracked steam. p3ng3l STEAM LAUNCHER updates himself!

    Additionally downloadable games: Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life 1, Day of Defeat, Condition Zero, Deathmatch Classic, Opposing Force, Ricochet, Blue Shift, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life:Source, Condition Zero DZ, Lost Coast, Team Fortress 2

    Update: Team Fortress 2 is now downloadable!

    Download here
  2. H4rdQu0r3

    H4rdQu0r3 New Member

    can i play on vac secured servers ???
  3. scheklek

    scheklek New Member

    will these games play on legit servers or cracked servers?
  4. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    No They Will Not, You Can Not Play Legit, Bit Obvious To Be Honest.
  5. kentgu123

    kentgu123 Banned

  6. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    Dont got to the site! It steals your account!
  7. hitzoor

    hitzoor New Member

    WOW - This tool is so simple and great! Just one problem though, the auto-updater seems not to function correctly.
  8. Copoboxx

    Copoboxx New Member

    w00t team fortress 2!!! Download some bots =P
  9. hitzoor

    hitzoor New Member

    This + Setti MasterServer = EPIC!
    You won't need bots, there are hundreds of cracked servers and if you use Setti MasterServer list the cracked servers are the only ones that will show up on your list.
  10. Tuna5

    Tuna5 FS Member

    Won't work, I update and it dosen't work anymore.
  11. babycool

    babycool New Member

    Cant edit steam.dll :(
  12. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Then close Steam.
  13. Psychodackel

    Psychodackel FS Member

    Cant edit steam.dll :(
    I have Close Steam.
  14. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Then either the cracks in the wrong place or steam is still running.
  15. Psychodackel

    Psychodackel FS Member

    Steam.exe is 'killed'.
    where is the right place?
  16. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    In the steam folder.
  17. Psychodackel

    Psychodackel FS Member

  18. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    how about getting us a screenshot. Also look in your task manager. Steam may still be running in the background.
  19. Cyber

    Cyber New Member

    it still works?
  20. Psychodackel

    Psychodackel FS Member

    Here is a pic!
  21. sherry

    sherry New Member

    we got it xD
    ...but i have the same prob..>_<
  22. lllvkflflsdieeemf

    lllvkflflsdieeemf New Member

    Can't edit Steam.dll :(

    Please fix!
  23. 461806

    461806 New Member

    cant edit steam.dll
    alguien puede decirme que es lo que pasa
  24. canadaboy7000

    canadaboy7000 FS Member

    you might have a differnet patch that has edited the dll
  25. 461806

    461806 New Member

    Cant edit
    help plz
  26. paollo

    paollo New Member

    can edit too :(
  27. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Then use undead patch?
  28. 461806

    461806 New Member

    eh not used any other patch but still gives me the error :(
  29. canadaboy7000

    canadaboy7000 FS Member

    It won't work...and i don't know about any one else but when i tried to run steam later i got couldn't open steam .dll same with trying to install undead patch again, I fixed this by ending the p3ngl process in the windows task manager,(i was surprised it was running since i quit it)
  30. flyworld3

    flyworld3 New Member

    says can't find steam. i put my steam on a separate drive, is that why?
  31. Trigger-happy

    Trigger-happy FS Member

    if this is working for someone can they please upload steam.dll!!
  32. PrivateXP

    PrivateXP FS Member

    Can i still keep pac cafe, and regular Steam and still use this program of steam? Message me in my inbox please.
  33. PrivateXP

    PrivateXP FS Member

    ok im scared of that steam launcher u made. IT was turning my modem on and off..... scared the shit out of me!
  34. gdfsgdfg

    gdfsgdfg New Member

    i want TF2 that can be played in all servers
  35. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    I want to use the ban hammer on the people that asks for a launcher where you can play on all servers.
  36. CaP_a_CoP

    CaP_a_CoP New Member

    You got to download steam again and then create a folder on your deskop called"STEAM" then download the steam.exe and save it in the folder.Then click it and create a new account. NOW IT SHOULD WORK

    Dude you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!
  37. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    Who are u saying that to? yourself? lol
  38. dewofthedusk

    dewofthedusk New Member

    i have 64 bit vista and so the installation thingy gets it to the folder c:\Program Files (x86)\steam
    and so it said cannot find steam.exe how do i get this to work?
  39. FSanchez831

    FSanchez831 New Member

    you deserve to get hit.... but yes. thats why. :rolleyes:
  40. Ninjin

    Ninjin New Member

    I'm another person that's having a problem with the steam.dll. Is there a specific cracked launcher needed for this?
  41. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Use SMD and you will get better results.
  42. Zut99

    Zut99 New Member

    OMG You fucking noob you stole my account >:O retarded biatch. I hate you fagg >:O
  43. mama100

    mama100 FS Member

    Can't edit Steam.dll!
  44. mama100

    mama100 FS Member

  45. mama100

    mama100 FS Member

    my dreaM IS PLAY TF2.but i closed steam and everything but still says can't edit steam.dlll
  46. aslankro

    aslankro New Member

    Omg i hope it aint a scammer >_>
  47. aslankro

    aslankro New Member

    testing now i'll see if it works for me :D thanks i was looking for this ^_^
  48. Deathangel

    Deathangel New Member

    Tick "read only" off from steam folder?
  49. guinelle1

    guinelle1 New Member

    says cannot find steam.exe when i friggin have it then it says do u want to download it then it says its incompatible with 64-bit vista. so help please?
  50. napzter

    napzter FS Member

    is this working?

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