If you point at the link it says freesteam.org DONT WORRY it will just go to the frontpage xD

Because the mod/admin changed it ....

To fix this problem, delete the Steam.dll file. Launch original steam (it updates).
update your gcf using cfctoolbox, launch clauncher to patch steam, and launch smd.

Works great now ...

I uploaded an original half-life engine.gcf as i can't download it through the toolbox.

You'll directly download the gcf file...

says cannot find steam.exe when i friggin have it then it says do u want to download it then it says its incompatible with 64-bit vista. so help please?

you have to put: p3ng3l Steam LAUNCHER.exe into the steam folder in program files
Help please?

When i open it (it's in the steam folder) it syas "Steam is already running! Please close steam and try again!"

I logged out and tried again. It still didn't work.

Any soloution?
ERROR: Cannot find STEAM.EXE! p3ng3l steam LAUNCHER can't run without Steam.exe! do you want to download them?


Cannot update steam.

yeah... i have steam...
thhis steam launcher was released in 2008 we are now end of 2009
ofcourse it doesn't work anymore

btw he doesn't update it anymore