Painkiller Resurrection Update - Steam Exclusive Map with New Pricing

With the latest, Steam-exclusive addition to Painkiller Resurrection, we introduce the ULTIMATE challenge for all Painkiller enthusiasts. The Tower of Power is not a battle arena for puny humans, but indeed the proving ground for all of those demons which want to become one of Lucifers generals. They have to fight their way through a wasteland of burnt demon corpses and lava, a place, where each step can be your last. Bad enough that the hordes of fire giants can not only bash you with the hammer or throw a deadly load against you, they can also summon the unholy powers of hell itself to throw you of the dangerous path. And of course they call in other creatures from hell to stop your progress in Tower of Power at all costs. Can you find the entrance to the heart of hell, the secret area and the countless treasures?

How to start Tower of Power:

1. Start Painkiller Resurrection.
2. Create new multiplayer game.
3. Set time at least (if you`re really good!!!) to 30 minutes or better to an hour and ad the DM_COOP_Tower_of_Power map to an empty map list.
4. Start and enjoy!

New Pricing: