Password List.


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Rick Dark Recently released a taco and banana forum password list with 4000ish names.
I spent a few hours in steam trying some and found 25 that work.
"Lucidess has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:15714961 and uses the password: wajiboo

errington07 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:16291724 and uses the password: williams

Rannos22 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:12957226 and uses the password: 22357635

Darkvile has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:11219240 and uses the password: pengwen

wildman1001 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:13176438 and uses the password: scamp1001

Userp has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:8495367 and uses the password: jack25

misterhat12 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:16598697 and uses the password: cartman12

Sakuragaoka has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:15424046 and uses the password: billdo

jackedupmachine has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:10023667 and uses the password: tommy1

lidaker has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:3553799 and uses the password: brutho

Cowbox has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:10051247 and uses the password: alpha800


CAN0SOUP has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:15714831 and uses the password: KITTY3 (hl2 hl gmod Portal)

pcwiznick has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:321362 and uses the password: nwm23738 (hl2 hl2ep1)

Raneman25 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:16471551 and uses the password: starfox(Gmod, Orangebox, Sidmeyers4, the ship.)

Hunter1428 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:11602136 and uses the password: tylangle

Psphacker22 has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:16252371 and uses the password: norcom (Gmod, Css, Orangebox, peggle.)

winndypops has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:18438719 and uses the password: coolisu

"Zinchux has a SteamID of STEAM_0:0:16230889 and uses the password: bmwrulez"

These accounts dont work anymore tho.
Im sure I can find more and maybe if I feel like it post them
lol, what's the point of this thread ? did you steal all these accounts ?

Simply someone called Rick Dark has the passwords of the forum tanco N banana and a lot of this acc info are the seam info that user are using to log into her steam login and he post all the login info to steal some acc, I think.

PD:Where i can se that list austin?
Hm most of the Steam accounts got already disabled by valve. Well. And of the other some accounts the password got changed.
Hm most of the Steam accounts got already disabled by valve. Well. And of the other some accounts the password got changed.

you're right, anything that is shared across the web always gets disabled by valve, and even if you share your account with someone else, there's a chance that it will get disabled too, i suppose if valve suspects that something wrong is going on with your acc(like different ip addresses or too many logins), they will disable it immediately
Im sure that a lot of acc are disabled and others the pw was changed but i want to look the list and look for the accounts ,anyone really know how to acces to this list?
This are already disabled, and ones that got there pws changed.
But people who use the same password for steam do it for there email and plenty of other things.

Um, I'm steal deciding what to do with the list cause it was only up for a bit and im one of the only people that has it.
There will allways be some1 idiot who thinks hes smart by changing the password, but thts the way the accounts get disabled.
Then buy it. CSS and CS 1.6 isnt expensive... So well get yourself a job. We got no accounts to give them some1 else.