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Discussion in 'Steam Tutorials' started by david164v8, May 19, 2010.

  1. david164v8

    david164v8 New Member

    How do I steal steam accounts? I have tried brute forcers but they never seemed to work and password stealers just tried to steal my password or were fake and also i have Windows 7 64 Bit so most programs didn't work anyway. I have tried pretending to be steam support to get accounts but most people just told me to f**k off. :(

    Thanks, David
  2. tatootian

    tatootian FS Member

    wel u no u ned 2 get hakr progrms

    nd u ned 2 maek ur own aplications otrwis u get detctd by valv

    nd if u do stel stem acounts u'll get ezly detctd by vac so unles u wun get band, dun do!!!!
  3. david164v8

    david164v8 New Member

    Thanks for the reply

    I did the undead patch but the only thing I could download was gmod
  4. c0mb1n3

    c0mb1n3 FS Member

    could u post downloads for hacking steam?
  5. xpot

    xpot Donator

    you should start start at the bottom level so you have tried prentending to be steam support, now your ready for the next stage!

    find a PW stealer, even an FF password stealer or universal stealer, theres one called universal337 i think by eddyk, steam stealer.

    Bind it to some stupid lame file like limewire or some steam game generator tool. make a fake video of the tool or steal someone elses and upload it to youtube. put in the comment a download link for people to download your account stealer. set it up so it dumps the login to an ftp or email.

    once you have done that an uploaded the video reply on here
  6. c0mb1n3

    c0mb1n3 FS Member

    k thank u my brotha
    thts cool dude but takes alot of work
    im a lazy boy and i dont have time and stuff but ill do it

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