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So your interested in graphics. Download photoshop now!

Ok this is what you do

1. Download the photoshop trial:

2. While thats downloading. Download the keygen.

3. Ok, So you have downloaded all of the required folders. You will now see this on your desktop:

4. Open up the trial folder and click the folder in the image below:

5. Install...

6. Now when you register make sure you click the trial.

7. Now open up the keygen and generate a serial:

8. Now copy it into the software activation:

9. Aww fucking shit!..Fucking Key didnt work!.. So click phone activation:

10. Copy out the propper information:

11. Once you have filled it out, Get your auth code!

12. And woohoo! You have stolen software from adobe.

Thanks To Me..For the tut. Pin please
This should be in the App Warez section not here. Too bad I can't move it. =) Good job though. Photoshop CS2 hacks are abit old now though.
Nah keep it in the graphics section, The only thing that is warez about it is the fact of the keygen. I'm just letting people know that they can start working on graphics without having to pay for it. And thanks for the comment
Nice work, but it needs a few more details...

Like you need to click activation options to get to activate by phone.
Where did you post your download? If you post it in the warez section then it has to be moderated. Only admins and mods are allowed to post where they want it to be.

Installing Photoshop CS4 Extended Edition
by Aureax

1) Grab the Photoshop CS4 Extended trial from the following links:
Adobe - Resume downloads
Adobe - Resume downloads (only if you don't have 7-Zip yourself, 7-Zip)

2) Use 7-Zip to extract the .7z file or just double-click on the exe file you downloaded.
Go to the folder where the extracted files are and run "setup.exe", install it as a trial.

3) After the setup is complete, get the crack here and extract it with WiNRAR. to the directory you have installed Photoshop CS4 Extended to. (default: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS4\)

4) Navigate to the directory you have installed Photoshop CS4 Extended to,
and run "patch.exe".
Click on the "Patch" button, after it's done press "exit".

5) Fire up Photoshop CS4 and enjoy your free license!

NOTE:: If you still get a reg screen after applying the patch, just press "Use a 30-day trial version".
After that it won't bother you anymore.

Greets and enjoy, Aureax​
great job man ty i needed it well time to make my own background =p i have been looking for some thing like this 4 ever