Pish steam accounts using steam's own mail!

Discussion in 'Steam Tutorials' started by 123max, June 6, 2010.

  1. 123max

    123max New Member

    Ok here is my tutorial! *By me*

    steam's own mail?
    Well the Website i'll give allows you to use a fake Email!

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Due to recent events of multiple logins you have been BLAH* BLAH* Blah*

    How do i do this?
    1) Go to "LinkBucks.com - Get your share!" (Linkbucks! you want to earn huh?)
    "well i wan't to buy a game so it is my only income so please support me"
    2) Enter any address for steam use "[email protected]"
    3) Make a Dottk Milias account (Mail generally)
    LinkBucks.com - Get your share! <-- Dottk Mailias account
    4)make a email which should have a name that is related with steam
    example: [email protected]
    5) Message should sound genuine refer the post someone did about the email phish in this forum
    or "A DoS attack on one of our servers" or "a viral attack between a group of hackers" has crashed one of our servers which has put a loss of account info!
    So far 45% of the info has been recovered!
    This won't affect your games you can launch the game anytime but you are under risk because the backup passwords can allow people to access your accounts
    after the message type"
    VAlve cooperated blah blah"
    and then
    Note: Valve only sends mail's from [email protected] and any other source means it is fake please keep your eyes on the address you have received!

    6) Make sure you say " please send your account info in the following format:
    etc.(all the info they ask you for creating a account)
    To the following address or type" backup server" or" registration server " example [email protected]

    7)Now in the Fake email page type all this then click send!
    then type the confirmation code

    8) send it to anyone

    At last! account phished when the user thinks it's legit and sends the data

    Bonus: You can even try this For security please change the account Mail to
    Example: [email protected]

    Happy playing

    You can thank me if it helped you or thank me by a preferred method
    just give this link to others and click it i earn every time someone clicks it:

    My BLog
  2. whiterfire

    whiterfire New Member

    what would be better is saying something like "Please set recovery questions to make your account more secure."
  3. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    I think the word "Pish" should really be "Phish".
  4. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member

    I agree.

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