places to give out the fake stealers...


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with the account stealer prog. I changed it to an Aimbot, or i can change it to something else but where is a good place to give out this stuff? i cant find anyone who wants aimbots.
Well we wont support to find places, where you can give out a fake stealer.. Its a kind of bitchy. What would you think, when your steam acc got "hacked" or stolen by another user?
i would actually feel bad, and i DID get hacked once.
i find it was unfair that i lost my 150$ worth of games, so i might as well steal it back-not personally to the guy who did it though idk how to find him.

besides, about being bitchy for telling me where to get accounts, I downloaded a stealing program from this site, so whats so bad about anyone giving me advice on where to use it?