Play HL2 and EP1 With EP2 Effect

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    Getting started:
    You need Gcf-Explorer from here
    A copy of Source Particle Benchmark
    Part 1~100mb
    Part 2~100mb
    Part 3~31mb
    And 4.5 Gb free hdd space for HL2

    Extract gcf's ofc with Gcf-Explorer


    Source sounds.gcf hl2\sound to game\hl2\sound; reslists\Source Sounds to game\hl2\reslists
    source models.gcf hl2\models to game\hl2\models
    source materials.gcf hl2\materials to game\ep2\materials
    half-life 2 content.gcf hl2\maps;hl2\scenes;hl2\gameinfo.txt;hl2\maplist.txt Do not copy Bin folder to game\hl2\maps


    Works when previous step is done!

    \game\hl2\bin to bin_hl2
    \game\hl2\steam.inf to \game\hl2\steamhl2.inf
    \game\hl2\Gameinfo.txt to \game\hl2\Gameinfohl2.txt
    \game\hl2\maplist.txt to \game\hl2\maplisthl2.txt
    if u want hl2 back rename current files by adding somewhere in name ep1
    and delete hl2 from those

    Half-life 2 episode one.gcf

    episodic\maps to game\hl2
    episodic\bin to game\hl2
    episodic\detail.bsp to game\hl2
    episodic\scenes to game\hl2\scenes
    open \reslist select all and copy to \game\hl2\reslists Choose NO all.lst and YES engine.lst

    Episode one shared.gcf

    \episodic\cfg to \game\hl2\cfg
    \episodic\expressions to \game\hl2\expressions choose yes for all
    \episodic\materials to \game\ep2\materials choose yes for all
    \episodic\media to \game\hl2\media
    \episodic\models to \game\hl2\models choose yes for all
    \episodic\resource to \game\hl2\resource choose yes for all
    \episodic\scenes to \game\hl2\scenes choose yes to all
    \episodic\scripts to \game\hl2\scripts choose yes to all
    \episodic\sound to \game\hl2\sound choose yes to all
    And now finally
    \episodic\Gameinfo.txt;maplist.txt;steam.inf to \game\hl2
    Run Bat...
    Orange gcf name
    Green path in gcf
    Red path in windows
    To start next-gen effects hl2 you need a .bat file Download
    here mirror RS
    Put bat file to \game folder and start game.

    S.M 2.0=Blood,Reflexes,Characters HDR[Thats mine x_X]
    S.M 3.0=Soft lights,Phoned Characters,Blood,Reflexes,Characters HDR
    More Advanced users may have find some useful informations about Ep2


    I am gonna make some more... 1680 screens by Bob00100

    Q:I got Error about tier_0.dll
    A:Ignore that press ok ant wait until game load.
    Q:Buggy doesn't have gaus gun?
    A:Yeah i think is name mishmash witch car from EP2 [3 cars in Ep2 don't have guns]
    Q:In citadel on d3_citadel_03.bsp I have all guns and normal gravity gun and i cannot move through forcefield.
    A:You need to use noclip to move through forcefield and you need to complete this map using normal weapons. On next map (d3_citadel_04.bsp) you will have only super gravity gun.
    Q:when I enter final teleport chamber nothing happens!
    A:There must be a broken script. In this moment you cannot finish game.
    Q:I got stuck on d3_c17_07.bsp when Dog should lift a combine wall but he is not moving.
    A:You need to use noclip here.
    Q:Striders move different than in normal HL2 why?
    A:This bug is due to maps don't have nodes and game makes every time when map is loaded. Striders needs nodes to move.
    Q:I got when vourdigant want to charge my suit he is not moving!
    A:Ohh You need to noclip here
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    thanks man this looks awesome ill have to check this out. :D
  3. .ISO

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    Go for it :D

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