Play HL2 Mods without HL2 legitimatly


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You need to have Source Multiplayer pack legit to do this (Although i think it works without).

Its quite simple, if you have source multiplayer pack, but don't have HL2, alot of mods won't show on your legit steam games list. If you crack steam they will show, but you won't be able to join legit servers.

Here's an easy workaround that wokrs on legit steam, and will enable you to play on legit servers.

Download your mod, in an example, lets say its GMod9

If you go to ur steam list, it wont appear, because its required to have HL2 on there.

All you must do is:

1. Go into your steamapps folder
2. Go to sourcemods folder
3. Locate gmod folder and open it
4. Find a txt file called gameinfo.txt
5. There will be a line called SteamAppId, this will be under FileSystem
6. Change the appid from 220 (which is HL2) to 219 (which is HL2 Demo)
7. Restart steam
8. Thats it

Sound great ill try it later when the public cafe fix will be patched and my certificate will be banned ill try this method if it does work it is quite usefull.
I tried doing this and my game crashed with a HL2 error saying Blah couldnt reference read Blah