Play with Banned Account on VAC2 Server [NoFake]

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Play with Banned Accounts on Vac2 Servers

IM NEW HERE BUT IT IS NO TROJAN (Look at the Pictures) and


Hello Community,

here is a Tutorial there you can play with your banned Account on VAC2 Server.

*100% No Fake*

I have tested it with CSS but i think it works for all Games.


1. You must find out your steam id like:

You need only the last 6 Digits of the Number

2. Download CheatEngine from this Link:

3. Run Steam!

4. Start CheatEngine and open the steam.exe

5. Past the last 6 Digits of your Steam ID in field 1. and change the Settings like the Picture

6. CheatEngine would find 6 or 7 Adresses

Mark all Entrys and klick on the red arrow

7.Now you mark again all entrys, but this time in the lower

8. Make a right-click --> change record --> value. Enter there now any value from numbers, however not more longer like 7 Signs.

9. Right-klick and freeze this time ALL Values.

Now start any Steam Game and join any server, you will get this Message.

Log on into your Account.

Make a right-klick at the Server you want and copy the IP

Now open your console type: connect "and the IP", and play on VAC2 secure Server.

This is not the best Way, but it is a Way.

PS: Cheating is a Crime ^^

greetz snooky
I thought that you can't change your id just by editing a memory, but it looks like I was wrong ;) Anyway, good job if you're the one who found it.

PS. Your english isn't so bad, I could easily understand what you mean.
Worked to to the point after i reloged in to my vac banned acc then now it fails to connect to vac servers ??
a friend told me that it doesnt work by many users

Steam has changed many processes in the steam.exe

Of course 1.6 does work but i have tested it with team fortress 2 too and it works.
it's just a hex-editor which changes ur steam id so the server thinks ur someone else and i think that like after 2 minutes ur id changes back so...more or less a waste of time
it's just a hex-editor which changes ur steam id so the server thinks ur someone else and i think that like after 2 minutes ur id changes back so...more or less a waste of time

It's not a hex editor, it's a memory editor ;) And when you freeze the values, your id won't change back.
i dont know it just works for me eaven in source now!!! and i have played for about 3 hours and not got kicked out?!?!?!
yeah this method does work most of the time but if you make one mistake then it will come crashing though the floor.

I have even heard of people using this method to get competitors banned from servers. A little extreme but you gotta do what you gotta do
Have you ever used it? Hex editor modify the file code, this one access memory and modify the data allocated there, without modifying file :)

The program modify,freeze and do others things in the memory data without modify the content of the archive.
The hex only modifiy the code of the file dont do these things, so this is a memory editor not hex.
Cheatengine is like a Gameshark or Action Replay but for pc. It can only edit RAM in the pc for the programs you tell it to.
I know that but i get 8 digits in my steam ID. This is what i get
i dont get 6 i get 8
Yes you can, every Steam user have a different SteamID and not only the difference is the number, the amount of digits too.
So snooky says 6 digits because he or the user who have made the tutorial have a account of 6 digits, not for another thing, then you can continue using this method without problems because the amount of digits of your account dont affect the use of the program, atleast in theory.
It works for me,but when i try to enter de_dust2 it says im banned.But when i join other map it works.How come?
Nope,still doesn't work.I tried all Vac2 de_dust2 map.But it still doesn't work.
I can play on legit server.Lol
at mine it says that when i start cs:s that they are busy handling a request or something like it.
So it wont even start :S
dont work ? lol it says you have been banned check .. then i tryed again in surf_sky2 but nothing i get same vac2 shit
We really dont know, someones says yes, others say not, maybe depends of the user, so try it yourself if you want to be sure if works or not.
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