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Ok, the games work I can get on them, but when I wanna play online it says that this steam account doesn't own this game so I can't play online only the single player. know why?
Then whats the point of this project? lol am confused

The point of the project is to bring steam games to users for free. Being able to play on legit servers is an extreme bonus and, with saying that, there are alot of releases kept private so that valve doesn't patch them, otherwise everything would soon be useless. If you want to play on legit servers, buy the game or find sites like FS and pay them money lol for VIP access etc... Then you might be able to play online, until then. just stick to cracked servers
For find cracked server u have 3 ways:
1. Visit underground steam sites how freesteam, in the most of them are lists of cracked servers

2. Go to your serverlist and put the filter of "not secure servers" (not recommended because the most of these server are only cheaters) ((this respond to ur question))

3. Try settilist programs how the old CSN or MSV, etc

And the point of these projet how Reflector says is to make u feel good playing singleplayer games how HL2 for free without profit and "trying" the online modes of these games in cracked/nosecure servers, and if u really like one game buy it is the better choise.
uff cheaters?? cheaters are everyway ;) VAC2 servers.... CD servers ... And sXe servers!!!( VIP ppl have access to sXe hacks)... so non secure servers its an good option for playin ;)

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