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So yeah I got freesteam cafe 6.1 from a web so I got it and said awesome but when i download a game it says Steam servers to busy for your request. and i registered it with my old account and it removed steam community and my friends tab! please help
Thats an old patch, i get the same when using undead patch, it dosent work for me anymore. I have the game file, when i try to connect to server it tells me "This steam account does now own the game", that patch is only good for a few game downloads and will work for offline play in most games, if it lets you download them.
Sorry man i dont have the new one either, still looking, but i get the same thing freinds tab is gone. if u have a game downloaded and use that patch u should be able to get into cracked or non steam servers. The only reason i had the games was coz i had bought counter strike and got banned for trying to get extra games, now i dont have any at all and am not prepared to pay again ;). Ive been looking for a solution for a while. This site has the undead patch but its old and its not working too great. Keep in mind if you want to remove this you have to uninstall steam and re-install it. Make a back-up of anything u need such as maps and stuff like that :)

This only works for some games and keep in mind its quite old already but it will give u a cafe account.
Can only play on cracked or Non-Steam servers.
Backup ur steam stuff first.
Follow instructions on page.
well i didnt i had a ornigal one. :) with $$$$ on it
and got VACed for no reason

Also I have a account with gmod and all that stated above and when i run the undeadpatch it opens i hit enter and boom goes away... any ideas?

oops nvm this is a edit but still removes my friends and i can only download like DOD Source and Sam and Max Episode 4 cause its free but some sa tis to busy
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