Portal problem


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I have installed portal with all the gcfs but when i start it up it show the guy's head with the valve in it and then comes the main menu and it says loading but it never does. after like 30 seconds it closes and then it tells me
Engine error

Needs at least DirectX 8.0 to run

I installed and still no luck but i got a couple questions.
1.Can i run it with the normal steam or should i use the UCL with the SteamEmu
2.I dont have the half-life 2 low violence.gcf does that make a difference but steam says it 100% complete

If steam says it's 100% ready then you may need to find drivers for your graphics card.

Try checking the creator of your video cards' website and get the latest drivers.
Try with this command maybe works
-dxlvl 70

Put it in "Set launch options" or in the shrtcut.
Update the DX how the ppl tell u and update ur Drivers too.